Offset Side Palm Fixing (A14) Key Clamp Fitting for Size 8 Tube

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Offset Side Palm Fixing (A14) Key Clamp Fitting for Size 8 Tube

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The Offset Side Palm Fixing or A14 is used to attach a vertical tube within a guardrail structure to a wall. It is also commonly used to attach railings on elevated walkways. It fits a Size 8 tube that has a 48.3mm outside diameter and this is unable to run through this fitting. The fitting encompasses two fixing holes. The upper hole can be difficult to access and therefore, it is recommended that a threaded stud bolt is fixed to begin with. These threaded stud bolts should not protrude further than a maximum of 25mm from the guardrail structure. Additionally, you should think about the load requirements of the application as this fitting is not recommended for heavy loads and so, a Non Structural Offset Side Palm Fixing (A16) can be used alternatively.

Please note: Offset Side Palm Fixings are only compatible with M12 Through Bolts (ANC). They are specified as single products and have to be purchased separately to the fitting. 

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