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Since First Fence started in 2010, we quickly started to fulfil orders for exported goods and with our rapid expansion, this growth has only continued. Our comprehensive list of stocked items means that we can supply everything you need for your project.

Our highly developed internal systems and large stock holding means we are able to store vast stock levels which in turn slashes the long lead times of our industry sector and allows us to supply the goods to you with the quickest turnaround, even overseas. Click to find out more about us.

Looking for custom goods?

We have invested greatly into the development of our supply chain and can offer customised goods at both a fair price and without the lengthy lead times. This includes nonstandard powder coating colours, corporate branding and custom sized gates.

Quality you can trust
We only sell the best quality goods, so you can rest assured that whatever you purchase from us, we stand the test of time.
Please enquire about our export service using the contact information below:
Phone: +44 (0)1283 512 111
We also offer free collections on all our orders, even exports, available from any of our depots nationwide.


We have a huge range of Plastic Barriers and Water-Filled Barriers, ideal for providing safe traffic management, or for indicating hazardous, offering a high level of visibility. Chapter 8 Plastic Barriers are suitable to be used by the road to protect the public and other road users during roadworks or other maintenance activities. Water Filled Barriers are robust plastic barriers which offer great strength, as well as a high level of visibility, designed to provide safety and separation. Water Filled Barriers & Bull Barriers function as effective road barriers and provide a sturdy and reliable safety barrier system which can be used to protect pedestrians or vehicles from roadworks or obstructions on a temporary basis
Temporary fencing is an ideal solution for outdoor sites that require security on a short-term or medium-term basis. Steel hoarding consists of solid steel panels which provide a higher level of privacy than temporary fencing, and is ideal to keep your site safe, protected and private. Crowd control barriers are made of high quality galvanised steel, and are designed to provide a temporary safety barrier, ideal for supplying pedestrian traffic management in busy or heavily crowded areas.
Palisade Fencing is the classic permanent security fencing system, offering high strength and an intimidating appearance, to further deter and prevent unauthorised access. Mesh Fencing is a highly popular type of permanent security fencing, and we provide a huge choice of mesh types, which can be used for almost any type of application: from schools and universities through to industrial estates and airports. Railings are a popular permanent security fencing solution for both public and domestic locations, as they offer a safe yet attractive design. They are most suited to places that require a low to medium level of security; styles include Bow Top, Ball Top and Vertical Bar Railings.
Armco Safety Barriers provide a high-quality steel safety barrier system that provide a permanent barrier system which will help reduce the amount of damage caused by impact or a collision. Handrails & Guardrails are generally used as a form of protective barrier, offering pedestrians safety whilst walking alongside busy roads and junctions. Verge Posts are designed for installation on highways and alongside rural roads and car parks; made from highly durable plastic, they are useful for indicating the edges of roads and potential hazards.
We are able to provide a wide range of specialiset gates and barriers to provide secure entry and exit point for your site. Different styles include; Swing Car Park Barriers are an ideal solution for providing security and restricting access in private car parks and unauthorised areas. Automated Gates for use with a wide range of access control options, including key card and intercom. Rising Arm Barriers, available in moth manual and automated varieties as well as Turnstiles, which are ideal for large crowd management, such as sports stadiums.
Wire Rolls include Plain Wire and Barbed Wire are supplied as a complete length of wire on a roll, allowing for easy installation and space-saving storage. Wire Netting and Fencing Rolls are available in a choice of gauges and are suitable for pest management and livestock.