End Stop for the RB2000

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Stop end designed for the RB2000 to create a sleeker overall finish to your barrier system.

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This type of stop end provides a clear end to your RB2000 barrier system, resulting in a clear end to your traffic management. Having a clear end is important as it allows workers to know where their site limits are and pedestrians where they are able to access and what is restricted. 

These ends give a sleek and clean finish to a run of barriers ensuring that they are the correct height right through the barrier run.

Made from 100% Polyethene to match the crash barriers themselves so they can fit into place without drawing attention to the fact that it is an attachment.  Much like the crash barrier itself, the stop ends can be used on a range of surfaces, indoor or outdoor, to maximise the security potential.


The ends are used on the RB2000 barriers only but by adding the ends into certain barrier needs can improve the overall safety of the site, for example, you can use them in:

  • Event security and access organisation
  • Heavy-duty vehicle roadside barriers
  • Roadwork security for busy areas

These ends can easily be secured into place using the same interlocking system that the barriers themselves have. Therefore, making them not only secure but easy to attach onto your barrier system that matches the height and width of the RB2000 crash barrier system.

Storage and transportation:

These attachments are easily transportable as they are small and lightweight. Having such a compact add-on will not limit your storage space and will reduce the time taken when transferring them to different locations.

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