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Civils & Construction

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Showing 1 - 20 of 116 products
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Civils & construction

We supply a range of civil engineering and construction products, from steel construction lintels through to street furniture such as salt grit bins and bollards.

Steel Lintels:

Used in construction of solid and cavity walls, lintels provide load bearing support over openings such as windows and doors.
Each lintel has been constructed from high quality galvanised steel and are available in a wide range of lengths, as well as being able bear a range of weights to suit a wide range of construction purposes.

Scaffolding boards, fittings and sheeting

An incredibly common site on building sites, scaffolding is often used to give staff easy access to the fronts of buildings to perform repairs and maintenance.
We supply a range of sturdy wooden scaffolding boards and scaffolding tubes which have been constructed from 4mm thick galvanised steel.

As well as boards and tubes, we supply a range of couplers to allow for scaffolding structures to be built to suit a variety of locations and needs. Each of these couplers has also been constructed from high quality galvanised steel.
All of our scaffolding has been created to endure repeated use in even the harshest of weather conditions.

Covers and Cones

Road covers and cones are suitable for use on construction sites as well as during road works. We supply a range of cones which can be used to mark out construction areas as well as signs which can direct pedestrians and drivers as well as warn them of any potential hazards.

Road plates and trench covers can be used to protect existing road surfaces from being damaged or to create a strong surface to prevent large and heavy vehicles from becoming stuck.

Trench covers provide a strong support to cover holes or trenches to allow pedestrians or vehicles to pass over safely.

Street Furniture:

As the name implies, street furniture comprises of cycle stands, bollards, grit bins, verge posts and speed bumps.

Grit bins are a common sight on residential estates as well as around warehouses and other industrial units, providing water and weatherproof storage for salt grit.
Each has been constructed from HDPE with moulded grips for easy access.

Cycle stands – An increasingly common site around towns and cities, as well as offices and industrial units. Available in galvanised steel or a powder coated finish, these provide a secure point to secure bicycles

Bollards – Designed to prevent vehicles from accessing pedestrianised areas, our range of bollards are available in a variety of different styles, each constructed from high quality galvanised steel. For additional protection it is also possible to have these powder coated in a range of RAL colours which can also help to increase visibility.

Verge Posts – These flexible posts have been designed for installation on verges around sharp corners or along the edges of narrow roads. The posts are highly visible to denote hazards such as low hanging cables or to provide warnings to drivers of sharp corners.

Sheeting and Cladding:

Geotextiles – These are a man-made synthetic textile that can be used in a variety of Civil Engineering applications.

Steel Reinforcement sheeting :
Steel Reinforcement sheeting is designed to be immersed in the concrete to provide additional reinforcement.

Site containers:

Not just suitable for storage, these new and used site containers can be used for a wide range of applications such as office units or toilet blocks. These are available either new or used and can be delivered directly to site.

Steel Reinforcement mesh:

Used to provide additional strength to concrete structures, the steel reinforcement mesh is inserted into the concrete as it sets, helping to evenly distribute the weight.

Contact us:

Should you have any questions about any of the products in this range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached via email at, by phone on 01283 512 111. It is also possible to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team via our online chat system.

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