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Winchcombe Football Club
Winchcombe Football Club Security Fencing
04 October, 2023

Client: Winchcombe Football Club

Location: Cheltenham

Project: Installation of Palisade Fencing & Gate


Winchcombe Football Club were looking for a fencing solution for their clubhouse.


Security – They wanted to make sure that the club was secure and would be protected when closed.

Aesthetics – The customer wanted the fencing and gates to match.

Sizing – The football club only required a certain amount of fencing so were looking for a fencing company that could provide a smaller amount of fencing.

Design – Fencing solution needed to act as a threat deterrent so that it is safe when there isn’t someone around.

Durability – The club required the fencing to be long lasting, and robust as it would need to withstand weathering through the Winter months.


Our Palisade Fencing and Gates are manufactured using a cold rolled process and is galvanised to protect the Palisade Fencing against rust, providing a secure and resilient solution for the Football Club.

The customer chose our triple point palisade as this acts as a great threat deterrent with the aim of stopping others trying to access the premises.

Our fencing and gates match and are supplied as a kit, making it easier for the customer when ordering and installing.

Available in a range of sizes and heights, and with varied delivery options, the customer was able to have their order for their exact requirements when they needed it.


The Palisade Fencing and Gate has provided the Football club with a suitable, secure and robust perimeter system that will act as a threat deterrent to prevent unauthorised access.

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