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Urban Jungle Solutions
04 September, 2022

Urban Jungle Solutions were looking for the perfect fencing for a client that was upgrading their driveway from old slabs and a brick wall. They wanted the driveway to be usable, look stylish but still be practical for their needs.

Ideally, they were looking for a long lasting fencing solution, so that they didn’t have to upgrade or maintain on a yearly basis. They had looked at some timber fencing but were against the requirement to paint and maintain frequently.

Our Composite Fencing was the ideal solution for them, made from 98% recycled content the panels are weather resistant, and will not warp or move in the wet or dry conditions, meaning that they

They added the modernisation that the client was after, with the option to have grey or brown panels, along with the choice to include decorative board panels. The composite fencing also met the client requirements of low maintenance, as all the panels require is a quick wipe down with a cloth.

From the before and after pictures included below, you can see the big difference that the composite fencing has made to the client’s driveway. Opening up the area and making it a much brighter and aesthetically pleasing space.

If you like the look of our composite fencing but are looking for a gate too, don’t worry… We have matching gate available! It is available in both the grey and brown that the composite fencing is offered in.

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