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School Oil Tanks Fenced for Safety
School Oil Tanks Fenced for Safety
01 November, 2023

Client: Blackwell Engineering Solutions

Location: Cardiff

Project: Fencing around oil tanks at School


A School required a fencing solution that would enclose the oil tanks, and this needed to be completed through Half Term.


Visibility – Due to the requirements of the job, the fencing needed to provide a visual of the oil tank through it in case it needed to be accessed.

Timing – This job needed to be completed during Half Term as the School was closed while works were carried out.

Cost Effective – As the client had a budget to stick to, it needed to be a cost effective solution that required little maintenance.

Safety – As installation was at a school the fencing solution needed to be safe, with no real sharp edges throughout.


After looking at our range of fencing options, the client decided to go with our V Mesh fencing, as it provided the visibility and safety elements that they required.

Due to t’s rigidity, and design V Mesh fencing is extremely difficult to climb, and is therefore a highly effective option for securing the oil tanks in question. It is also commonly used around public sites and schools as it is considered to be less intimidating and more child friendly.

The powder coating finish also enables it to blend in with other surroundings as well as having the additional protection layer to withstand a range of weather conditions.

First Fence has a range of V Mesh fencing in stock and available for fast delivery options, meaning that the client could have the fencing delivered and installed before the end of Half Term.

Customer Testimonial

“I was pleased with the quality of the fencing, only concerns were that some of the threaded collets for the clamps weren’t the strongest but other than that it was good as usual! We had the self-assemble gates which were very easy to use.”


The School had a safe fencing solution around the perimeter of their oil tanks, delivered and completed in a timely manner to meet the client’s deadlines.

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