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Baylham House Farm
28 February, 2023

You herd it from our customers… Our sheep hurdles are brilliant…

With lambing season and Spring in full swing, our recent customer Baylham House Farm were looking for the perfect solution to keep their sheep and new lambs penned in with no chance of escaping.

They needed a solution that was high quality, robust and designed for strength as they would look to use them again for other animals and for the next lambing season.

Our sheep hurdles seemed like the perfect solution, as they are available in both 4ft and 6ft, and are extremely strong.

They can be used for inside or outside locations and are equipped with an interlocking system which allow the panels to be configured in a way that best suited the farm’s requirements.

The sheep hurdles are easy to construct with no tools required, which is great when the lambs arrive before expected etc.

In addition, the sheep hurdles are easy to move to different locations and can be easily stacked upon each other so they can be stored away, again the ideal solution for Baylham farm!

Each sheep hurdle has been constructed from high quality galvanised steel with an incredibly strong 7 rail structure making it easier to deal with any boisterous sheep!

We do also offer a powder coating colour service on our sheep hurdles, which could be great in dividing up the different breeds of sheep. Standard colours are black and green, but we can organise for custom colours and finishes to be available.

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