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Walk-Through Barriers

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
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Walk-Through Crowd Barrier

Walk-through barriers

Walk-Through Crowd Control Barriers are designed to be added to standard crowd control barriers to create a clear entry point to help manage the flow of pedestrian traffic during outdoor events such as fairs and festivals.

By Installing this type of barrier, it is not only creating a clear entry point but also ensures a secure barrier line even when access is required. Keeping the barrier line secure is essential when using crowd control barriers in events and heavily trafficked areas by motorists and pedestrians.

We have gated barrier options or open access walk-through barriers to chose from. Both can be used on a wide range of crowd control needs with a linking pin system with a choice of fixed of loose leg options. The barrier is made from high quality galvanised steel and is also powder coated in red which increases its visibility, along with making it more resilient to factors such as rust and damage.

Steel Crowd Control Barrier systems are commonly used for outdoor events like small festivals, motor races, marathons and other spectator events to provide safe pedestrian traffic management. These gates allow for the site area to have a clear entry and exit point reducing the possible access points through the barrier line whilst reducing the number of pedestrians that can pass through the gates, allowing for overall safer event surroundings.

We are also able to supply metal feet for loose leg barriers to ease the overall set up time of your crowd control barrier systems.