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Our metal crowd control barriers are made of high-quality galvanized steel and have been designed to provide a temporary safety barrier. Crowd control barriers are ideal for supplying pedestrian traffic management in busy or heavily crowded areas. The steel barriers are completely reusable and are most commonly used for outdoor events such as music festivals and football matches. 

At First Fence, we offer a range of crowd control systems, which you can find out more information below, or browse above. All of these temporary barriers have been designed with total security in mind 

Eco Crowd Control Barriers  

The Eco Crowd Control Barriers are perfect to aid the overall protection of crowds through low to medium temporary barrier system. The barriers are designed to be durable in indoor and outdoor uses.  

The 2.3m fixed leg barrier is stable due to the welded feet design allowing for protection against vertical force. Not only do these feet reduce the risk of breakages but also the galvanised steel finish secures the longevity of this barrier system. We are selling the barriers in package deals in order to reduce the costs in your security system.  

Standard Crowd Control Barriers 

Our standard crowd control barriers are designed to help manage pedestrian traffic at outdoor events such as festivals and concerts. 

These barriers are galvanized to the BS EN 10244-2 standard, and are available in a powder coated finish, which helps them to be more visible, whilst giving them extra protection against damage and weathering. 

Choose between fixed leg and loose leg crowd control barriers, available in 2.3m and 2.5m lengths. 

Police Barriers 

Our range of police barriers feature mesh infill panels and are much more robust and durable compared to our standard crowd control barriers. 

As they offer greater strength and resilience, police barriers – also referred to as met barriers – are ideal for locations that see heavy crowds or high volumes of pedestrian traffic; for example, large outdoor events or protests. 

Walk-Through Barriers 

An alternative crowd control system is our walk-through barriers. These are red powder coated and can be installed within your standard crowd control barrier system to create a point of access for pedestrian traffic. 

This helps to manage the flow of pedestrian traffic during outdoor events, to make sure everything is running safely. 

Cycle Barriers 

Similar to our walk-through barriers, our cycle barriers are also widely used at outdoor events, as they keep pedestrians safe from cyclists. 

They also provide a large space that’s ideal for advertising during events that are televised or photographed. 


Stillages are crucial, as they keep hold of your barriers when they’re not in use. We offer stillages for sale for all of our crowd control barriers, providing you with an easy and safe storage space. 

Our range of stillages feature removable legs, helping you to maximise this storage space, whilst allowing your gates to be removed more easily. 

Find Out More About Our Crowd Control Barriers by following the links to their individual pages  

We offer a range of delivery options, which include: 

  • Collection 
  • Same day delivery 
  • Next day delivery 
  • Express delivery 
  • Standard delivery 

If you have any questions at all about our range of crowd control barriers – or our temporary security fencing solutions – then give us a call on 01283 512 111, and our expert team will be happy to help. 


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