358 Prison Mesh Double Leaf Gate - 1.8m high x 4.0m wide

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A 1.8m x 4.0m Double Leaf Prison Mesh Gate containing one sliding latch bolt and two drop bolts.

Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – it has the ability to restrict people from climbing over the gate, as well as cutting through the wires with ordinary cutting tools. The mesh also has the ability to endure a substantial amount of damage and vandalism.
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – coating the gate in a layer of zinc makes it more resistant to the development of rust.
  • Polyester Powder Coating – by using this finish, your gate has more protection against damage caused by weathering and general wear. Another great aspect of using a Polyester Powder Coating colour is that it makes the gate more visually pleasing.
  • Ground suitability – this gate can be erected with Dig-In Posts when installed on a soft ground type, or with Bolt Down Posts when the gate is installed on a hard ground type.
  • A cost-effective and durable security gate.



The installation of this 1.8m x 3.0m Double Leaf Prison Mesh Gate is a great solution for fencing structures that need to feature an entry point for vehicles. With a width of 3.0m, this gate is suitable for the access of cars and forklifts. The gate is easy to assemble and the gate leaves may be opened either together or separately. It is also designed to be very safe, and features Prison Mesh within its construction, which makes the gate of a high security standard. The close positioning of the wires provide the mesh with narrow gaps which prevent people from gripping the mesh, as well as items being pushed through. Despite these small gaps, the mesh is still able to supply an ample level of visibility so both people and security cameras can see through the gate. This high strength gate is also given a polyester powder coated finish which effectively injects colour into the gate system. This 1.8m high gate is most appropriate for locations like schools and commercial buildings where a lower level of security is required, compared to locations like correctional units where a 3.0m high gate would be more suitable.

By using the drop bolts and sliding latch bolt provided, you can prevent your gate leaves from freely swinging open and keep them secure. Both gate leaves can pivot 90° in each direction.


358 Prison Mesh

is constructed using horizontal and vertical wires, which both have a diameter of 4mm. At 12.7mm high and 76.2mm wide, the apertures within the mesh structure are narrow enough to prevent climbing activity, but at the same time, still provide a great standard of visibility. Prison Mesh is also known as 358 Mesh, which refers to the measurements in imperial units. It is the ultimate choice for high security locations, due to the fantastic strength and rigidity that it offers. Welded at each intersection, the wires are extremely resistant to cutting and vandalism attempts. As with other mesh fencing security solutions, 358 Prison Mesh is an ideal option for a range of areas including police stations and correctional units, commercial establishments, schools and airports.

More Information
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Height 1800mm
Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Slider Leaf (From Outside Looking In)
Access Width 4000mm
Total Gate Width 4400mm
Material Pre-Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating

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