1.0m high Standard Bow Top Railings

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Polyester Powder Coating gives 1.0m high Standard Bow Top Railings extra resilient.

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Features and benefits

  • These railings are positioned so that they provide sufficient visibility. The bowed tops also make the railings difficult to climb over. 
  • To help prevent the steel from rusting over time, it is galvanised with a protective zinc coating.  
  • The railings are also provided with a polyester powder coated finish. This is offered in a variety of colours and will ultimately make them more resilient when enduring vandalism and weathering effects.  



1.0m high Standard Bow Top Railings are a great choice if you are looking to provide a safer and more decorative form of site security. Unlike Palisade Fencing, these railings do not contain any points or sharp edges and are not as intimidating. They are effective in indicating boundaries or restricted areas, although at 1.0m high, they are more suitable for locations which require low level security. The railings are very robust and extremely resilient, making them ideal for permanent and long-term use. Standard Bow Top Railings are also non-raking, which means that they should be stepped when installed on sloped ground.

These railings are supplied as a kit where they will contain all of the required fixings and posts. Each bay is 2.75m in width.


You may use 1.0m high Standard Bow Top Railings in areas like public gardens and parks, where only a lower level of security is required.

Gate construction

Each railing is fabricated to feature a rounded top which makes them extremely safe. The railings slot through the upper rail and are welded to the lower rail. You will need to use Bolt Down Posts if your railings are constructed on hard ground or Dig-In Posts if they are constructed on soft ground. You will also require an additional post if your railings do not come back on them self and join together.

More Information
Standard/Self-Raking Standard
Heights Available 1000mm
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Finish Galvanised , Powder Coated
PPC Colours Green, Black
Material Galvanised Steel
Weight 35kg (panel only)

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