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Bow Top Railings

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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Bow Top Railings

Here you can browse our wide range of Bow Top Railings, with compatible Gates and Fixings available. Our Bow Top fencing is specially designed with safety, durability and efficiency in mind. All of our bow top railing systems are both galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Protective Powder Coating

As standard our Bow Top Railings are first galvanised and then polyester powder coated. This double protective layer helps to ensure that your fence is capable of lasting many years of exposure to the elements.

Standard Vs Self-Raking

Our Bow Top system is available in either Standard Bow Top or Self-Raking Bow Top. The Self-Raking design This allows the fencing to navigate inclines of up to 20 degrees without the need for stepping, creating a sleek system where the horizontal rails run parallel to the sloped ground. This saves you both time and money when it comes to fitting the fence as well as providing a much cleaner finish. In addition to their self-raking ability, our bow top railing bays can be installed angled up to 45 degrees each. This means that you can go round corners without the need for specific parts and ultimately saving you both time and money.

Safety & Aesthetics

Due to their safe design, Railings are the ideal boundary system for areas where there are high numbers of children or members of the public present. Unlike Palisade Fencing, Railings do not contain any sharp points or edges and have a less intimidating appearance; however the shape and position of the railing bars still make the Railings difficult to climb. Railings are galvanised as standard for protection against rust and powder coating is also available in a range of RAL colours. A powder coated finish will provide Railings with a brighter appearance, as well as a more durable and smooth finish.

Locations and Functions

Bow Top and Vertical Bar Railings are designed for permanent installation and are suitable for a variety of outdoor locations. Railings offer a low to medium level security fencing system, as well as safety and style. They are extremely durable and robust.

Railings are often installed around:

Schools | Commercial businesses | Parks | Housing Developments | Driveways

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