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V Mesh Fencing Sports Complex
Kings Park Conference & Sports Centre Fencing
28 April, 2023

De-Fence Landscaping needed a permanent fencing solution to go around the perimeter of a sports complex in Moulton. It needed to be aesthetically pleasing, provide visibility to the outside perimeter and fit in nicely to the current surroundings.

The client also had a budget that needed to be met, so pricing was also a key factor in their decision.

After deciding on mesh fencing and reviewing the types that we have available, considering price too the client went for our V Mesh Fencing.

This met many of their requirements as it provides great visibility to the outside perimeter of the sports complex and by having the fencing powder coated in green, it was aesthetically pleasing and fit in nicely to the surrounding area.

“Always a pleasure working with First Fence, and Jess.”

De-Fence Landscaping

Our V Mesh Fencing is a very popular choice for areas such as sports fields and public parks, due to the level of security that it provides, without compromising on aesthetics.

V Mesh Fencing is considered to be one of the nicest looking security fences due to its unique profile and design. The panels have V shapes pressed into them that not only add to the overall look of the fence but also increase rigidity, stability and strength along as making it harder to climb. Climbing is also further prevented by the size of the openings in the panel, which are 50mm wide, – ideal for the sports complex to help with preventing intruders and any vandalism or damages.

Available in a range of heights, widths and RAL colours, our V Mesh fencing is versatile, strong and ideal for a range of solutions.

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