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Securing Agricultural Land and Livestock with Fencing Solutions

01 February 2024Appears in Products
Securing Agricultural Land and Livestock with Fencing Solutions
It is extremely important to ensure that land and livestock are secured in an agricultural setting. A robust and well-designed fencing solution is not only a means of a physical boundary but also a key element in ensuring the safety and productivity of farms.

In this blog, we will have a look at the different security fencing ranges that might benefit your land, whether for securing your animals, or providing an access point for larger machinery.

The vital role in agricultural fencing

Controlling Livestock

With many farms having a range of livestock, from sheep and cows to chickens and pigs, selecting the right fencing option to suit them all is very important.

If your livestock are left uncontained, they could get into your crops, or potentially pose a thread to other surrounding properties.

Fencing solutions can provide a controlled environment for them to roam around in, ensuring that they remain within the designated areas to minimise any damage.

Protecting Crops

Farm land is often susceptible to many threats, including wildlife and pests. An appropriate fencing solution can act as a shield and safeguard valuable crops from any unwanted animal visitors and potential damage.

Preventing unauthorised access

Farms can be vulnerable to trespassers and theft, meaning that having an excellent security fencing solution in place is essential. Well-designed fences not only deter intruders but also make people aware that the property is private, adding that extra security and protection to your assets.

Providing an access point for larger machinery

With a range of larger vehicles and machinery to move around different areas of the farm, you want this to be seamless and easy to navigate. By having designated access points for the machinery and vehicles you will be able to control access and ensure that these are secure when not being used.

Factors to consider in fencing solutions

Type of Livestock

Different animals have a range of different needs when it comes to fencing. While lambs may require a solution such as sheep hurdles that are strong and durable, smaller animals like poultry may require a wire fencing solution.

Understanding the specific requirements of your livestock is important when selecting your fencing solutions.

Terrain and Landscape

The topography of the land plays a significant role in selecting the appropriate fencing solution. Hilly terrain may require something that is more specialised, or even an approved installer to fit for you. While flat landscapes might allow for a more straightforward fence construction.

Budget and Long-Term Maintenance

Balancing the initial cost with long-term maintenance expenses is really important to consider. Some fencing materials may require less upkeep over time, and can be used each year, making them more cost-effective.

However, some solutions the farm might just not be able to be with out, for example; a perimeter fencing solution. Although the initial cost might be high for this, in the long term, ensuring that your farm is protected and intruders are deterred from entering can save you time and money in the future.

What fence is best suitable for an agricultural farm?

Security Fencing

What fencing should I use around the perimeter of my land?

There are a few different options to choose from in order to protect your premises from intruders.


If you are looking for a high security fencing option, an SR1 (A1) Rated fencing solution might be the best option for you.

ProFence® is robust, durable, and is able to withstand an attack from an intruder for up to 60 seconds, based on tools they might carry on them <link to ProFence blog>.

Palisade Fencing

One of the more traditional and theft deterrent options is Palisade Fencing – this is intimidating in appearance, and is manufactured using high-quality galvanised steel so is great for securing a boundary.

With the option to have triple pointed pales, and add gate hardware, you can rest easy knowing that your farm is protected.

Mesh Fencing

With a range of mesh fencing types available, you can choose the best mesh fencing option for your farm. A more aesthetically pleasing fencing solution, but provides security just the same.

This will be able to blend into your current surroundings and would have visibility in and out of the property.

Estate Railings

If you are just looking for that extra addition to your perimeter for aesthetics, our EnviroRail® Estate Railings are the perfect addition.

Manufactured using a low-weld production method, our estate railings are strong and durable without compromising on the aesthetics.

Livestock Fencing

What fencing is available to fence in my range of animals?

Sheep Hurdles

Sheep hurdles are an effective way of penning in sheep and lambs and can be used inside or outside dependent on your farm setting.

Having a robust sheep hurdle to protect your livestock is of upmost importance, so ensuring that they are manufactured with high quality steel is essential.

Sheep Hurdles are easy to install, with an interlocking system it won’t take you long to configure if time is of the essence. In addition, they are easy to move and can be stacked up on one another when not in use, meaning they are a very cost-effective fencing solution.

Farm Gates

Farm gates are important for controlling livestock, allowing access for vehicles and machinery, and providing security for properties.

You could use farm gates in a range of locations on your land; farm entrance, livestock enclosures, agricultural entrances and driveways, gardens and animal enclosures, making them a key part to any farm.

They are easy to install, low maintenance and weather resistant, ensuring that they are long-lasting and a cost-effective solution for your farm.

Wire Fencing

Our range of ready to use Wire Fencing provides an easy to install fencing system, ideal for quickly and efficiently creating boundaries within your land or providing fenced sections to contain and protect livestock and other animals. This is a cost-effective way to keep livestock and other animals safe.

Wire Rolls

How is barbed wire useful?

Commonly used for large agricultural areas, barbed wire is designed to withstand different weathers to ensure a long-lasting yet durable barbed-wire composition.

Each barb contains 4 long sharp points spaced 10cm apart along the entire length of the wire. Having barbed wire installed on your perimeter is the perfect deterrent to protect your grounds from unauthorised personnel and animals.

Whether safeguarding crops, controlling livestock, or improving security, the right fencing is a game-changer. As farmers adapt to agriculture's changing landscape, effective and a fencing solution that is well thought through, is a testament to their commitment to the land and livelihood.