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Exploring the Benefits of Timber Acoustic Fencing

20 March 2024Appears in Products
Exploring the Benefits of Timber Acoustic Fencing
Acoustic fencing and barriers is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a range of applications, including; property owners and commercial premises.

It offers the benefits of traditional fencing, with the addition of absorbing and deflecting noise, and having a natural and attractive aesthetic.

Learn more about timber acoustic fencing and its benefits in this blog.

What is Acoustic Fencing?

Timber acoustic fencing, also referred to as sound barriers, acoustic barriers, or sound-proof fencing, is a unique fencing solution crafted to alleviate noise pollution while enhancing visual appeal.

Constructed from solid timber panels, this fencing uses specialist design elements to eliminate noise from sources like traffic, neighbouring properties, or other environmental factors.

What are the benefits of using Timber Acoustic Fencing?

Noise Reduction

One of the main benefits of acoustic fencing is the ability to reduce noise pollution. Whether you live near a busy road, railway, or commercial area, unwanted noise can be a constant source of irritation, especially as we enter the Spring and Summer months.

Acting as a barrier, sound-proof fencing can absorb and deflect sound waves, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment within your property.

Privacy Enhancement

In addition to noise reduction, acoustic barriers also act as an effective privacy barrier. The construction of the timber panels ensure that no one can see in.

Whether you’re relaxing in your garden, or whether this is guarding tools from a construction site, timber acoustic fencing offers a great level of security.

Aesthetic Appeal

Timber acoustic fencing combines the natural beauty of treated wood with functional design, making it a great addition to any premises.

With a few options available with First Fence, you can choose the design and best fit for your project, whether it be; EchoGroove, EchoReflect or EchoAbsorb.

Environmental Sustainability

As a renewable resource, timber is an environmentally friendly choice for fencing materials. By opting for timber acoustic fencing, you’re selecting a sustainable solution that reduces the reliance on no-renewable resources.

Additionally, responsible forestry practices ensure that timber harvesting is conducted in an environmentally conscious manner, minimising the impact of ecosystems.

Durability and Longevity

Acoustic barriers are built to withstand a range of weather conditions, as they are pressure treated to add to their durability and prolong the lifespan of your fencing investment. With continued maintenance, acoustic fencing can maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for many years to come.

The First Fence range of Timber Acoustic Fencing has a 30 Year Desired Service Life.

Safety Compliance

Manufactured from high-quality materials, and pressure treated, the timber used on acoustic fencing complies with BS 8714 Timber Treatment standards.

The overall system is independently tested to meet strict safety regulations, including BS EN 1793 and BS EN 1794-1/2 for noise reduction devices and Highways Sector Scheme 2C for environmental barriers.

Meaning that you will have a high-quality, safety compliant fencing solution around your premises.

Range of Styles & Sizes

Our acoustic fencing panels are available in heights of 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.4m, all with a width of 2.4m wide.

There are three different types available, some with horizontal panels, and some with vertical panels. In addition, some are noise deflector panels, and the others are noise absorption barriers. Therefore, you can choose which solution is best for you.


Timber acoustic fencing offers a range of benefits for property owners, housing developers and commercial property owners that are seeking to enhance their security and overall aesthetics.

From noise reduction and privacy to aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability, acoustic barriers provide a versatile solution that combines form and function.

Shop First Fence range of Timber Acoustic Barriers; EchoGroove, EchoReflect, and EchoAbsorb today!