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Badger Fencing

Keeping badgers off your land can be a notoriously difficult task; they are extremely strong, can burrow and climb, as well as being very curious animals. However, their containment is sometimes essential as they are a dangerous hazard on the road, at risk of causing serious accidents. As well as this, it can be highly important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of livestock by protecting them and land from badgers due to their potential to spread TB, which can be detrimental to your livelihood.

These fencing rolls have been specifically designed to keep badgers and other potential predators away from your land in order to keep it safe, the wire mesh fencing is a durable containment method without the risk of hurting the badgers in the process.

With a high tensile nature which provides the resistance necessary to keep badgers out, the fencing is also compliant with B.S. EN 10223-5/10244-2. To provide a highly secure perimeter, it should be buried up to a depth of 30 cm to prevent them from burrowing underneath it, leaving a height of 103cm.

This badger mesh fencing is easy to install as they need fewer posts, therefore, is a cost-effective method of protection in comparison to mild steel.

When rolled, the weight of the netting is 88kg making it manageable to manoeuvre and install. Additionally, when rolled this fencing can easily be stored and transported without taking up much space.

Please give us a call on 01283 512 111 if you have any questions regarding our badger fencing and its various uses.

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