SPT Spring Steel Flexi-Post

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This post is ideal for using in car parks to protect buildings, vehicles and pedestrians.

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SPT Spring Steel Flexi-Post

This post is a medium duty base plated post that is used in association with the Armco Crash Barrier system. The SPTMG and SPTHG posts can be used with our standard rails and the Open Box Beams.

The yielding action of the spring steel post is specifically designed to protect fixed hazards such as walls and buildings. It sits slightly away from the wall and where an infrastructure needs protecting behind the barrier, this post creates room for deflection.

Our SPTMG post has a footprint of 300mm in the parking bay. Therefore, reducing the overall parking length by 400mm. Whereas the SPTHG has a footprint of 450mm. A base plate is used to spread the impact of the load over a wider surface area therefor avoiding damage to the substrate.

When the spring post system is used the deflection on impact is typically 100 -150mm. The force absorbed is 38kN approximately, this puts less stress on the anchor bolts which means less damage to the rail and saving on repairs and maintenance.

These posts would be most effectively used in both multi-storey car parks and parking lots surrounded by buildings. This post can also be referred to as an SPTHG, SPTMG, an RB1X or a Flexi-post. This post is also available with a high-grade thickness of 20mm. Please see the drop-down menu above for details.

Quality approval:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Manufactured from spring steel
  • Hardened & Tempered to BS EN 10132-4
  • These posts and barriers will rebound from impacts of vehicles weighing approximately 1.5 tonnes at speeds up to 10MPH

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