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Our Scaffolding Range

Scaffolding is a key feature of many building or construction sites and is used to gain access to a building whilst construction, renovation or repair work is taking place. Consisting of steel Scaffolding Tubes, steel Scaffolding Fittings and timber Scaffolding Boards, Scaffolding systems can be assembled in many different ways to meet structural and access requirements.

We offer:

Scaffolding Tubes: 

Standard Scaffolding Tubes are 48.3mm in diameter and have a 4mm thickness. These Scaffolding Tubes are available in 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft and 21ft lengths and are made from high quality galvanised steel. Offering a high level of strength and durability, Scaffolding Tubes are designed to last a long time and are completely reusable.


Scaffolding Boards:

Scaffolding Boards are manufactured from European Whitewood Timber and meet the BS 2482:2009 standard. They are supplied in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 13ft lengths and should be securely laid onto transoms within the Scaffolding structure for safety and support. Scaffolding Boards provide strong and supportive walkway within Scaffolding, to enable access to building which is undergoing construction work. These timber Scaffolding Boards offer a high level of strength and are suitable for multiple use.


Scaffolding Fittings:

At First Fence, we offer a range of Scaffolding Fitting which will allow you to construct your Scaffolding system in different directions, to meet your structural requirements. All Scaffolding Fitting are made from steel which has been galvanised with zinc to help protect them rust. We offer these steel Fittings within our Scaffolding range:

Double/Right Angle Couplers – these attach the Scaffolding Tubes at right angles and are generally used between Standards and Transoms within Scaffolding.

Swivel Couplers – these Scaffolding Fittings allow tubes to be attached at any angle, thus making them popular for the bracing within Scaffolding.

Single/Putlog Couplers – these are used to connect Transom Tubes to Ledger Tubes, but should be used as load bearing fixings within Scaffolding. 

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