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The Palisade Fencing Calculator


How to use the Palisade Fencing Calculator

First of all, you will need to enter the length of fencing (in metres) that you plan to construct. Once you have done this, you will notice that a list of items will appear on the left of your screen. The calculator generates the quantities of each item based on the length you have entered. However, please note that this is only your basic Palisade Fencing kit as the option to customise is not available until later in the calculator. You will also need to add any End Posts or Postfix cement that you require to your shopping cart as these will not be provided with your kit.


Requesting an Installation Team

Our experienced and skilled Fitting Teams can be on site to fit your palisade fencing within 7 to 10 working days; depending on availability and the size of your order, and will ensure that your system is constructed to the highest quality. This can save you time and energy and guarantee you a successful installation. We will always try to make sure that your delivery and installation reaches you as quickly as possible.


Now you can go ahead and Customise

Please select ‘Yes, I want to customise’ to see a range of options.


A Fine Finish

As standard, all of our Palisade Fencing is supplied with a galvanised finish. If you require your fencing to have a colourful or more visible appearance, you may opt for it to be Polyester Powder Coated. This comes in a range of RAL colours, with the added benefits of Polyester Powder Coating including a glossy look and extra protection for your steel fencing against weathering. If you require any more details about this, please speak to a member of our Sales Team.


Choosing a Pale Type

Palisade Fencing can be used in a variety of locations and for different purposes, so it is important to think about which Pale style would be the most appropriate for your structure. Pale styles like Single Pointed and Triple Pointed provide a more intimidating look to your fencing and are better suited to areas requiring high security. Round and Flat Pale styles, on the other hand, are less imposing and are considered safer for locations like schools. Every Pale type however, is designed to make opportunities for climbing very difficult.


Don’t Forget Corners

Palisade Fencing has the ability to form corners within its structure so it is suitable for construction in most areas. As the calculator only generates a basic kit, you will need to select Corner Fishplates as a customisation option. You will also be required to state how many corners you wish to have within your fencing system. These will then be supplied within your kit.


Selecting your Posts

This section allows you to select the right posts for your Palisade Fencing. It is important that you use the appropriate posts for the type of ground in which your fencing structure will be erected on, so that its stability will not be compromised. You can choose either Dig-In Posts (which come as standard) or Bolt Down Posts.*


*Please note that Bolt Down Posts will not be provided with Through Bolt fixings.