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Composite Garden Fencing
Home Garden Composite Fencing
25 October, 2023

Fencing Contractor: A J Landscape Designs

Location: Glasgow

Project: Home Garden Composite Fencing


A J Landscapes were looking for a stylish, low maintenance permanent fencing system for their client’s garden.


Aesthetics – As the rest of the garden was modern and had a stylish vibe, the fencing needed to follow this.

Maintenance – The customer wanted the fencing to be low maintenance, as they didn’t want to be continuously refreshing each year.

Durability – As the fencing was for the garden, the customer wanted it to be robust, and able to withstand all weather types.

Security – The customer wanted a fencing system that acted as a security solution to prevent any unauthorised access.


Our Composite Fencing is great for homeowners that want a low maintenance fence as it is a wood plastic material that doesn’t require painting. You can easily clean the panels with soap and water, and due to the material, it can withstand a range of weather conditions.

To provide additional support to the composite fencing installation, our wind anchors can help reduce the chance of wind damage to the fencing run and can help give a uniform fencing structure.

Made from 98% recycled content and being 100% recyclable, the panels are environmentally friendly, and resistant to rot, decay and are a long-lasting fencing solution. Available in dark grey, brown and with the option to add decorative panels, you can ensure the aesthetics are exactly what you want.


Our Composite Fencing has provided this garden with a stylish, secure perimeter fencing solution around their garden. With the addition of our wind anchors, the system is able to withstand a range of weather conditions.

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