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What is LPS 1175 and What makes ProFence® a SR1 Security Fencing System?

03 October 2023Appears in Products
What is LPS 1175 and What makes ProFence® a SR1 Security Fencing System?
If you’ve been asked to install an SR1 (A1) Security Fencing Solution, but are unsure of what that actually means, read our latest blog to understand further about this high security fencing solution.

Security has become a top priority for individuals, and businesses. When it comes to protecting valuable assets and property, having the right security deterrents and delays in place is crucial.

A LPS 1175 SR1 (A1) Security Fencing System can enhance security and delay intruders, even just for a short amount of time, to give other security measures chance to come into play. Such as detection and response.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what LPS1175 is, and what SR1 (A1) Fencing Systems are, and why they are essential for maintaining a secure environment.

What is LPS 1175?

LPS 1175, which stands for Loss Prevention Standard 1175, is a widely recognised certification standard developed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

The LPCB is a globally recognised third-party certification body that sets rigorous standards for security products and services, governed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The LPS1175 focuses on a wide scope of building components, strongpoints, security enclosers and free-standing barriers, including shutters, turnstiles, cabinets and even display cases! Importantly, the LPS 1175 also tests and certifies the attack resistance of perimeter fencing systems, such a ProFence®.

Testing involves several different attacks, using a variety of tools, to simulate alternative methods of forced entry. Each set of tools are given a tool kit reference, which simulates the most likely tools used in the environment for the fence installation.

How Does LPS1175 Rating Work?

The LPS 1175 rating system categorises fencing systems into different levels of Security, starting from LPS1175 SR1 (A1) (Which is a test using tools from toolkit A and surviving one minute) and ending at LPS 1175 SR8 (H20) (which is a test using tools from toolkit H and surviving 20 minutes). Each level represents a varying degree of resistance against unauthorized intrusion, forced entry and vandalism.

As the rating level increases, the fence’s resistance to intrusion also improves. This certification provides a clear indication of a fence’s ability to deter and delay potential threats.

What is SR1 (A1) Fencing?

SR1, or Security Rating 1, is the first level within the LPS 1175 certification system. Fences with an SR1 rating are able to withstand an attack, using a variety of tools, for at least 60 seconds.

The tools that are within this category are;

  • Adhesive tape
  • Cable cutters
  • Cargo strap
  • Electric cable
  • Engineers hooks
  • Firefighters key
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing hooks
  • Flexible plastic coupon
  • Glass cutter
  • Hexagon wrenches
  • Knife
  • Lever (including nail pullers, prybars and utility bars)
  • Pliers (selection, including self-gripping and cutting)
  • Punches (selection, including flat and pointed tipped)
  • Rope
Source: Used with Permission from the BRE

Benefits of SR1 (A1) Fencing System

Versatility - SR1 (A1) Fencing Systems are extremely versatile, and suitable for a range of applications, from residential properties, and public spaces to hospitals and commercial premises.

Deterrence – Acting as a visible deterrent, the SR1 fencing system, can discourage unauthorized access to your premises, and if an opportunistic attack were to take place, it provides that extra delay to help other security aspects such as; cameras to pick up the attack.

Peace of Mind – Knowing that your property is protected by a certified security system brings peace of mind to property owners and occupants. Understanding that the fencing system can withstand an opportunistic attack for at least 60 seconds, also gives the peace of mind that you’d have time to hear and spot an attack giving you time to raise alarm and deter the intruder, as long as you’ve ensured this response takes less than 60 seconds. If you calculate that a longer time is needed, then either a high security rated system is needed, or if the likelihood of attack using the same tools but a longer response time is needed, it’s also possible to have an A1 system tested to A3 (three minutes), A5 (five minutes), A10 (10 minutes), A15 (15 minutes) and even A20 (20 minutes).

Source: Loss Prevention Standard: Issue 8.1

Cost-Effective – SR1 (A1) Fencing Systems can provide a security solution and deterrent for a range of areas, without incurring a really high cost on initial set up, and maintenance costs. The SR1 Fencing System is Powder Coated to BS13438 to add that extra weather resilience and manufactured from high-quality steel.

Aesthetics – As you are able to customize the SR1 (A1) Fencing option, you can make sure that it blends nicely with the aesthetics of your premises, while still providing the extra security.

Safety – With a range of three hinged gates available, you can be sure that your system also complies to the BS12604 requirements, which state swing gates should be hung with three hinges, to prevent the risk of injury should a gate hinge fail.


Investing in the right security measures is paramount, where security threats are ever-present.

LPS 1175 and SR1 (A1) Fencing Systems provide a standardised, reliable and effective means of enhancing security and adding a delay to any opportunistic or planned attack.

Whether you’re securing a residential property, a commercial space, or public facility, understanding the importance of these ratings can help you make informed decisions about your security needs.

If you are considering using the LPS1175 and SR1 (A1) Security Fencing System, it is important to seek professional guidance to help you tailor the fencing system to meet your requirements.

Give our High Security Sales Team a Call today at 01283 512 111, or you can browse online here.