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Understanding Armco Safety Barriers: What is it and What are they used for?

07 April 2021Appears in Products
Understanding Armco Safety Barriers: What is it and What are they used for?
Armco crash barriers are something you probably see every day but don’t actually know the specific name of and many are unaware of their function or even what they are called. Regardless, Armco barriers, also known as crash barriers, can save your life or the life of someone you care about.

How do Armco Barriers work?

Although Armco barriers aren't particularly attractive, they are made of strong steel and are designed to withstand the impact of an oncoming vehicle. Because the metal of the barrier is bent one way, it’s very hard to bend it the other way, and can therefore withstand more impact energy. The rail which holds the strip of ‘W’ shaped metal also often comes with a post to hold it, absorbing the impact from behind the strip.

Where and why are they used?

The Armco barrier is ideal for roads, car parks and industrial warehouses where there will be low-speed traffic. This is because any bumps or accidents can be contained, protecting structures and buildings from damage where vehicles like cars and forklifts are operated. While it might cost to replace a damaged barrier after a number of accidents, it would be far more costly to have to rebuild an entire portion of a building.

Crash barriers are often used on UK motorways to shield our drivers from oncoming traffic, but they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as protecting livestock and machinery. Armco barriers can also be used on high-speed roads including motorways and dual carriageways. Although the barriers can be completely demolished in an accident, their primary function is to prevent vehicles from tipping over or colliding with the opposite side of the lane. This prevents one accident from becoming many and helps increase the safety of our roads. In an agricultural setting, barriers could be used to separate heavy livestock or contain animals. In addition, they could be used to protect buildings and livestock from large vehicles such as tractors or other plant machinery.

What are they made from?

Manufactured to meet BS 4872 industry standards, Armco barriers are made from galvanised steel (in line with BS 1461), providing a tough end product which can stand the test of time – even after multiple impacts. Weathering is not an issue for Armco barriers because of the steel structure. Exposed to the elements all year round, an Armco barrier will not be weakened or require replacement for many years unless damaged.

Key Features

The Armco barrier system has many benefits and has been instrumental in diminishing the effects of collisions through the many ways this safety solution can be used.

  • Reduces Impact of Collision

Armco barriers are used to lessen the severity of a vehicle crash. This is due to the fact that the barriers are made of British Safety Standard corrugated steel, which helps to absorb impact energy.

  • Inexpensive

Armco barriers, as compared to other types of safety security, are a low-cost solution to gaps in health and safety at the workplace, whether in the factory, the parking lot, or the forecourt.

Quick to Install

Armco barriers are made up of common parts that can be customised to fit your needs, which means installation is easy – no waiting for specialist parts to arrive, and no complicated plans or drawings to consider.

  • Versatile

Armco Barriers are a flexible option for shielding individuals, possessions, and property from harm and damage caused by a moving vehicle, whether it is accidental or deliberate. The barriers aren't just for roadside protection. Armco barriers may be used to secure service areas such as power pylons, parking lots, classrooms, and warehouses – everywhere there is a need for collision safety.

Armco barriers are a powerful and reliable security and protection feature that can be customised to any area. The barrier system you need can be easily assembled and installed using standard manufactured parts, and it can be customised to fit the climate.

Things to consider when installing an Armco Barrier

Armco barriers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring that no matter what your needs are, we can have a solution. As previously mentioned, Armco barriers can be used on much more than busy roads & motorways. You will often see Armco barriers located in warehouses, yards, car parks, farms, outside schools & loading bays. On top of the peace of mind you have after installing a crash barrier, they are also extremely versatile & require very little maintenance once they have been installed.

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