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Railings - What do we sell?

23 May 2016Appears in Products
Railings - What do we sell?
Railings are a popular choice for many public and domestic locations as the different styles have great safety features but also an attractive design

With its aesthetically pleasing look, it is an ideal solution for areas needing a low to medium level of security as it is less imposing than our Palisade range. Railings are useful for providing a boundary demarcation around properties, like private driveways or outdoor areas. Our Railings are made from high-quality steel which is then galvanised to prevent rust from developing over time. For further protection, Polyester Powder Coating is also available as a customisation option. There are several standard RAL colours to choose from, which can either brighten up the premises or match your company's branding colours.

When installing any of our Railing systems, additional panels are required for safe construction. We have two types of posts available for various ground surfaces. If you are installing your Railings onto the soft ground like clay or grass, Dig-In Posts are highly recommended (Post Mix is not supplied with Dig-In Posts, this must be purchased separately) . However, if you are erecting a Railing system onto the harder ground like concrete, Bolt Down Posts should be used. For further security, we offer Heavy Duty Padlocks in our customisation section which provide a secure lock whilst the gate is closed and the site is empty.

What Railings do we supply?

Standard Bow Top Standard Vertical Bar Self-Raking Bow Top Self-Raking Vertical Bar All of the above Railing systems are available as a single item or as a kit (when ordering a kit, you will be supplied with posts and fixings). If you are looking for a complete system, we also sell Railing Gates. These security fencing systems are compatible with our Railing Gates which are manufactured in-house. Depending on the height and width required, most measurements are featured on our website but if you need bespoke Railings, we can cater to your needs.

Our current heights are:

palisade accessories

Please see the access table below for our Railing Gates:

palisade accessories

Where can you use Railings?

Railings can be used in various locations, they are extremely popular in environments where children and the public are often present. With all four styles lacking sharp edges and spikes, this makes them a great choice for schools, parks, residential areas and hospital grounds. Standard Bow Top Railings have a rounded bow-top and our Standard Vertical Bar Railings have square cut tops. These are difficult to climb and help prevent potential intrusion.

Choosing the right system

Standard Railings consist of solid railing bars which are welded to the bottom bar of the panel. If you are looking at installing your security fencing system on level or sloping ground, our Standard Railings are a perfect choice. However, the railings will require stepping if constructing on the sloped ground as they cannot be adjusted. Self-Raking Railings contain hollow railing bars that sit within the lower rail of the panel; this allows the panel to be adjusted if installing on a slope. When erecting a Self-Raking Railing system on sloping ground with an incline no greater than 20 degrees, you are able to adjust the system so it runs parallel to the ground below.

Latest offers:

The following offers include; Dig-In Posts, Fixings and Kit covers 82.5m

palisade accessories palisade2accessories

For more information about our latest offers or our Railing products, please visit our website or contact our Sales Team on 01283 512111. These are available for collection but please speak to a member of the First Fence Team about collecting your Railings system.