Agricultural Fencing - Keep Your Farm Land Safe

Agricultural Fencing - Keep Your Farm Land Safe

Keep your farm land safe

For All Types of Agricultural Boundary Requirements

Keeping track of where everything is within your farm / Agricultural Units can be difficult! First Fence now offers Agricultural Fencing as part of their ever-expanding range.

Agricultural Fencing has a wide range of use cases including, from containment to landmarking. This sort of fencing can help you bring control to your land, by keeping animals away from your crops or keep them within a certain area. Also as a by-product, they can aid in deterring trespassers from your land, helping you achieve control and peace of mind.

Agricultural Fencing comes in a range of different forms and styles from simple post and railings to electric systems, take note that if you are trying to contain specific animals you will need a specific fence style generally for each, First Fence can give you a helping hand with this with our data sheets and product descriptions.

What Sort of Agricultural Fencing Do We Offer?


Rabbit Netting

Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit netting is the ideal fencing for keeping rabbit out of unwanted areas or to keep them within enclosures. This netting can be buried or turned out in the direction of the threat to prevent rabbits digging under. Rabbit Fencing is compliant to B.S.EN 10244-2.

Badger Fence

Badger Fence

Badger Fencing is suitable to keep badgers out of your land, this High Tensile Badger Mesh is compliant to B.S.EN 10223-5/10244-2 and meets highways agency specifications H46 and H47. This netting should be buried to 30cm then turned out 25cm leaving an above ground height of 103cm. This fencing can be installed tighter and straighter than mild steel and is a far stronger option.

Equine Fence

Equestrian Fencing

Horse fencing is best suited to horse paddocks, designed as a high tensile equine fencing system and is fully compliant with B.S.EN 10223-5/10244-2. The 8cm (3”) distance between the vertical wire has been designed to prevent horses and ponies from injuring themselves by getting caught in the fence. This fencing can be installed tighter and at a higher tension than standard mild steel wire mesh meaning fewer posts are needed making the fencing far faster to erect, also, in turn, more cost-effective.

Stock Fence

Stock Fencing - Light Grade

Stock fencing is an all-around wire fencing system which can be used for a variety of applications including, cattle, sheep, pigs and other forest perimeters. All our Light Grade Stock Fencing is compliant to B.S.EN 10223-5/10244-2.

Plain Wire Fencing

Plain Wire Fencing

Plain Steel wire is available in three different varieties and can be used for a wide number of agricultural fencing applications. Our Plain Steel wires comply to B.S.EN 10244-2. This wire roll provides a practical alternative to standard agricultural fencing.

Tips for building and Maintaining Agricultural Fencing


To prevent pressure from cattle, add barbed wire to the top of the fencing.

Use a straightening clamp to create even tension across the fence line.

Use concrete to secure post when working on losing ground. However, this makes the fencing system harder to move.

Use a stand of plain wire between your end posts to create a straight line and use the straight line as a guide to position your intermediate posts. 

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