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How to choose the right fencing option when organising an event

19 May 2022Appears in Products
How to choose the right fencing option when organising an event
When choosing the right fencing for your event, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. From security to weather factors and making sure you're meeting the safety regulations.

If you’re organising an event or a festival – you’re probably trying to meet all the legal security & crowd management requirements. One part of that is choosing the right event fencing options.

Whether it’s to help separate different areas, manage the crowd, or keep the traffic flowing – it’s essential to pick correctly. A well-fenced event will not only help you keep everybody safe but also relieve some stress off your staff.

So, we’ve prepared a quick guide on what to look out for when looking at event fencing options.

What is event fencing?

Event fencingthe type of fencing that is used to enclose spaces in events (e.g., concerts, festivals, races, fairs, etc.). The main purpose is usually: security, crowd/traffic control, or privacy.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing event fencing

Here is a list of things you should be considering when choosing event fencing.

What is the primary purpose of fencing?

Are you hosting a festival and will need to keep large areas enclosed? Will you have VIP sections that need better protection? Understanding what job the fences will be doing – should be one of the first steps you consider.

If you’re hosting a concert and you’re expecting a lot of people to show up – you may be looking at crowd control barriers. Or if you’re trying to acquire a better oversight of vehicles and traffic – water-filled barriers may be your best bet.

Whether the purpose is security, privacy, or traffic control – your fencing will depend on that.

Where is the event happening and what are the weather conditions?

The area where the event is hosted may have a bigger effect on fencing than you initially thought. Fencing off a car park near a stadium will be quite different from fencing off a concert on a field.

Terrain and the geographical area may have an impact on your choices. Will the ground be concrete or muddy? Are there any roads to consider? What’s the parking situation? Do you need to review how the fences will look aesthetically?

Additionally, don’t forget to consider the weather. Especially if your event is hosted on soft soil or you’re expecting strong winds. Stabiliser systems can assist you with weatherproofing your fencing.

Always do your research about the location & weather conditions before the beginning of security considerations.

What is your budget?

As for most things, having your budget in mind is crucial. Don’t go off and buy the most expensive fencing option you can find for a 1-day event.

If you’re operating on limited budgets – look for cost-effective measures. Try talking with the sales/customer support teams of fencing companies. They can assist you in finding the best match for your budget.

Also, consider whether it’s worth buying fencing, or would you be better off by hiring temporary fencing?

How long is the duration of the event?

Think about it this way, if your event lasts a day or two – you’re probably looking at temporary fencing, which is quick & easy to set up as well as move. While, if you’re planning a week-long festival – you’ll be better off buying/renting something more durable.

Moreover, if you’re working on a shorter time scale – looking into fencing companies that provide same/next day delivery might be your best option.

In its essence, your options will depend on:

  • How quickly do you need to set up/dismantle the event fencing?
  • How long will the event last?
  • Can you install more durable fencing options yourself?
  • How fast do you need the fences to be delivered/collected?

Can you take care of the logistics of moving the fencing yourself?

Do you have the required equipment at your disposal? Can you move the fences/barriers yourself? Will you have enough staff to facilitate installing all the security fencing measures?

It’s important to think through all the logistical challenges installing & moving fencing can cause. It greatly depends on the size and length of your event.

Determine whether you’ll be able to do it yourself or will you need to set aside part of your budget – to hire a professional fencing contractor.

Although, if you’re organising big scale events, where using heavy machinery is necessary – you may be better off by hiring a fencing company to facilitate more complex installation processes.

Who is participating in your event?

This is especially important to consider when organising events with high-profile individuals. Do you need additional security because there will be celebrities, politicians, or speakers at your event?

As an organiser – you’re responsible for everyone’s safety. By guaranteeing additional security in anticipation, you can meet your guests’ personal security requirements. As well as minimising the risk of accidents or conflicts.

Our recommendations

Lastly, we would like to leave you with some of our recommendations based on our experience. Which we’ve suggested and witnessed people choose for all kinds of events.


To make the right choice, you need to consider a lot of things. From security to weather factors. Always make sure you’re meeting the safety regulations. As well as thinking through logistical challenges of putting up fencing around an event.

If you’re already here and are looking to buy/hire fencing for your event – why not check out the First Fence online store? We’re not only the UK’s leading fencing manufacturer & supplier, but we also offer same/next day delivery!

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