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Product Spotlight: GRP Non-Conductive Palisade Fences

19 March 2021Appears in Products
Product Spotlight: GRP Non-Conductive Palisade Fences
GRP is an unique solution for any site requiring a safe barrier system that is non-conductive and metal-free, that overcomes any corrosion challenges facing the industry today. Glass Reinforced Plastic Palisade (GRP) is a safe and secure alternative to steel fencing for perimeter fencing around potentially dangerous high voltage areas due to its non conductive characteristics and similar strength qualities.

GRP Non-Conductive Palisade Fences

First Fence now offer GRP Non- Conductive Palisade Fences in which produces and delivers a long-term practical solution that overcomes any corrosion challenges facing the industry today. GRP Palisade Fencing systems offer an alternative to steel fencing as they provide non-conductive characteristics and equivalent strength qualities.

This new system using Glass Reinforced Plastic is a non-conductive property made from a polyester resin, it is a very popular composite material due to its strength. It is highly effective around electromagnetic and thermal insulator; this is because it is electronically transparent and not affected by electromagnetic fields or radio wave frequencies.

GRP offers many things thanks to its isophthalic resin technology. Non-conductivity, easy installation, lighter weight, maintenance free, radar transparent, high-strength structural properties and fire integrity, no need for painting thanks to built-in UV Protection.

These products are predominantly used in areas such as:

  • Electrical Environments
  • Power Stations
  • Marine Environments
  • Chemical Sites
  • Electrical Sites
  • Railway Stations

Key Features:

  • Constructed from GRP - Because its non-conductive properties its an incredibly strong non conductive material making this ideal for installation around high voltage areas where metal is unsuitable.
  • Comply with Requirements- Our Pales and System have been independently tested & comply with the requirements for BS 1722-12:2016.
  • Resistant to Corrosion and Chemicals- It's non-conductive suitability means that is a cost-effective solution and is suitable for many projects.
  • Built to Last - Once installed GRP fencing requires little maintenance, so you can rest assured knowing your perimeter fencing will remain strong and secure for years to come.
  • Light & Easy to Install- Although lightweight, it maintains its high strength. This makes GRP much easier and cheaper to transport than other materials and enables easy installation.
  • Available with dig in or bolt down posts - Allowing for installation on a range of ground types (bolt down posts not available on 3.0m variant or double leaf gates).