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Freestanding & Allegro Concrete Barriers

18 December 2020Appears in Products
Freestanding & Allegro Concrete Barriers
We are pleased to announce our new range of freestanding and Allegro concrete barriers, which offer a cost effective and highly customisable solution for creating retaining walls, pens or perimeters.

We are pleased to announce our new range of freestanding and Allegro concrete barriers, which offer a cost effective and highly customisable solution for creating retaining walls, pens or perimeters.

Allegro concrete blocks

The Allegro concrete blocks have been designed to interlock when placed on top of each other to provide a strong and stable wall. When these blocks have been stacked and arranged into your desired configuration, there is no need to use any additional supports or fixings. This makes the Allegro blocks an ideal choice if there is no existing steelwork to fix to.
We offer the Allegro blocks in three different length options: full block, two third block and one third block.

Block TypeLengthHeight Width Weight
One Third Block600mm600mm600mm510kg
Two Third Block900mm600mm600mm760kg
Full Block1500mm600mm600mm1270kg

These blocks can be used in conjunction with each other, allowing for a huge amount of customisation when creating walls or perimeters for your specific purpose. With the holes and nodules on the blocks, building is not only quick and easy, but you can rest assure that the walls will be built with alignment in mind, with each block slotting perfectly into place.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Storage bays
  • Fire and blast walls
  • Salt barns
  • Aggregate bays
  • Waste and recycling bays
  • Flood defences

The Concrete blocks contain no form of steel reinforcement bars, which make them far easier to break down for recycling at the end of their functional life.

Freestanding concrete walls

These freestanding concrete walls provide a versatile and customisable perimeter or storage solution. The free-standing walls allow for fast and easy construction of a bay or perimeter, which also can be highly customised and easily altered depending on your requirements. Altering the bay or wall layout is as simple as manoeuvring wall pieces into new positions and adding or removing wall sections as required. There are also 90-degree corners available, no need to worry about making corners from straight wall pieces.

The walls can also be connected together with the use of a steel channel, which can be bolted to the top of each unit. The walls themselves require no additional supports, which makes these ideal for sites where there is no existing steelwork for walls to be affixed to. For extra strength and stability, each wall section has been reinforced with steel rods.

These wall sections are available in a range of different sizes from 1.5m up to 3.5m making them suitable for a wide range of purposes other than just storage bays.

They can also be used for:

  • Flood Defence
  • Grain walling
  • Aggregate bays
  • Waste and recycling

Each wall section has been made under factory conditions and have been designed to the relevant British standards – each has also been CE marked.

Wall Type HeightLengthWidthWeight

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