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Event Fencing Solutions

14 October 2022Appears in Products
Event Fencing Solutions
Wondering what the best event fencing option for you is? Read our latest blog to find the ideal solution.

If you’re here, you’re probably trying to figure out what fencing solutions you have available. Whether you’re organising an event or festival – making a choice can get complicated.

Some options are better for security and some for crowd management. Continue reading to find out what event fencing solutions there are.

Although, if you’re more interested in the considerations you’ve to make before buying event fencing – feel free to take a look at our blog on how to choose the right fencing option when organising an event.

Crowd Control Barriers

In its essence, crowd control barriers can be put to use in almost any event or festival. These can include marathons, seasonal events, motor races, fairs, or even festive Christmas light switch-on events.

Our fixed-leg crowd control barriers are 2.3m (we also have 3.5m barriers) and are made from galvanised steel that meets BS EN 10244-2 standard. They’re designed to protect pedestrians from dangerous areas as well as restrict unauthorised access/entry. Also, clear separation of areas will protect event employees as much as the participants.

The barriers were manufactured to set up an organised environment for busy pedestrian areas or for health & safety purposes. Additionally, the fixed legs provide the barrier with greater stability and a stronger structure. The barriers can also withstand a large amount of vertical pressure.

Crowd control barriers are a perfect choice for situations where high visibility is needed for successful crowd management and health & safety.

Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary fencing is one of the most common choices for events. Not only is it easy to install & use, due to its versatility, but it can also be hired – so you aren’t left with stacks of fencing after your event finishes.

Moreover, the panels are manufactured in a way to be easy to install, take down, and transport. All whilst providing a high-quality & cost-effective security system for temporary needs.

Our entire range of temporary fencing is manufactured with SmartWeld100 technology. What does that mean? Essentially, panel joints are up to 70% stronger. In contrast to standard MIG welded panels, every wire is welded to the outer frame. These wires are also tensioned – preventing the mesh from sagging and ensuring a stronger structure.

Additionally, the steel used in the fencing is galvanised with the BS EN 10244-2 standard zinc coating – protecting it from weathering and rusting.

Walk-through Barriers

Walk-through crowd barriers are made to go along standard crowd control barriers. And to create a clear entry/exit point to assist with crowd management and security. They’re especially useful for high volumes of participants.

These barriers can keep the barrier line intact whilst creating a safe access point. Whether you choose gated or open-access walk-through barriers – they can be used in a wide variety of events, to assist with crowd management.

The steel used in manufacturing is galvanised and powder-coated in red – to prevent the barriers from rusting, damage, and increasing visibility.

Additionally, these barriers greatly help your event’s security staff. Assisting with efficient security/ticket checks and smooth flow of pedestrians.

Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers can be used in numerous ways. They excel at crowd control, pedestrian, and traffic management, but can also be used on sports days, separating hazardous areas, and establishing football or hockey pitches.

The barriers are made to offer a high level of visibility for temporary or semi-permanent use. They’re also easy to install & transport. Moreover, plastic barriers are extremely durable & reusable - and most of them can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Note: similarly, to temporary fencing, plastic barriers can be hired instead of bought, if you only need them short-term.

Our range of plastic barriers includes:

  • Chapter 8 Plastic Barriers – possess strong reflective features, making them appropriate to use on high-speed roads.
  • Water-Filled Barriers – heavy-duty barriers, by filling them with water you’re increasing their weight, which in turn increases impact resistance. Ideal for highly visible perimeters and for protecting people from accidental vehicle crashes.
  • Collapsible Pedestrian Barriers – easy to install, dismantle, and transport. Perfect for a quickly changing perimeter.


In this blog, we’ve covered various types of fencing that will solve your event-related problems. After all, it’s important to be diligent before purchasing.

Lastly, if you’re still unsure about your choice or have a few follow-up questions – feel free to contact our sales team or explore our online store.