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All you need to know before purchasing security fencing for schools

05 July 2022Appears in Products
All you need to know before purchasing security fencing for schools
Security fencing for schools is no small task. It not only requires a lot of consideration, but it also varies highly based on your needs.

Whether you’re looking to increase security or safety – making the right fencing choice is important. Especially when it comes to security fencing for schools. Considering students, staff, and other visitors, various schools will need different solutions.

So, while planning a school perimeter it’s important to keep specifications in mind to eventually guarantee a secure area. Besides that, playgrounds, sports fields, or even car parks may require additional consideration.

What role does security fencing play in schools?

Probably the most important role is to keep the school environment secure. By providing a safe space for students to learn and staff to teach. Setting up a perimeter can stop children from leaving the area unattended while also acting as a deterrent to unauthorised entry.

Additionally, security fencing can keep the school area safe from vandalism & theft. As well as manage pedestrian traffic flow.

As stated in the British Standard BS EN 1176 – fencing is required to have gaps over 89mm, to make sure that children can’t get trapped (this includes gates).

Moreover, it’s important to distinguish between public and private property. And to maintain school grounds secure after school hours, when there might not be enough staff to overlook the entire area.

Why is it important to make the right security fencing choice in schools?

The first and probably the most important factor is maintenance costs. When making an investment in security fencing, for something like schools, which is expected to stay there for a while, it’s important to make a cost-effective choice.

To take a step further, choosing high-quality security fencing, like palisade fencing, will guarantee a perimeter that will stay long-term and require little to no maintenance expenses.

Besides that, fencing in school environments needs to withstand much pressure. Whether it’s students kicking footballs into them, climbing on them, or even leaning on them – security needs to be sustained.

It may not seem that big of an issue, but when you think about it, there are hundreds or even thousands of students spending most days in a year at school. It’s impossible for fencing to remain untouched. That’s why making a quality choice is that much more important.

We cover the reasons why security perimeter fencing is important for schools more in-depth in another blog.

What factors should you consider?

When choosing security fencing, there are various factors to consider. Especially when it’s regarding something like schools.

School Property

Before considering anything else, you should think about what type of area is your school in. How large it is? How many meters of fencing will you need? Is one type of fencing enough? Do you need gates, if so, how many? What type of gates? Etc.

Possible Risks

When looking into fencing a school, it’s important to think the security through. Think about where could intruders be entering? What’s of value in the school area? Is the perimeter as secure from all sides? Are there any obvious weaknesses?

Try to be as diligent as you can. Additionally, consider the bike & car parking areas and whether they need more security.

Quality & Maintenance

Cost-effective measures are as important for schools as for anyone. So, while looking into fencing options – make sure the provider offers fencing that is manufactured from high-quality materials and a long-term guarantee. You don’t want the fence to break down after a couple of years and be left without an alternative, besides spending more money.

Moreover, security fencing maintenance is important to think about. While operating a school, there are a lot of moving parts and the last thing you want is to add an additional responsibility of fixing the fence. So, picking fencing which is made to be durable is an ideal choice.


Let’s put it this way when you’re fencing in a school – you don’t want it to look like a prison. Although appearance shouldn’t be a priority while choosing security fencing, it nevertheless remains a factor.

First Fence offers a powder coating service to specifically help with the aesthetics part of the considerations. The bigger part of our product range is available in different powder coatings, this includes various colours and applies to most common school fencing options (railings, palisade fencing, and mesh fencing).

Available Choices

So, we’ve explained what role security fencing plays in schools, why is it important, and what factors you should consider. Now it’s time for our recommendations.

Based on our experience, we can determine 3 fencing choices that are commonly used in schools:

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is most commonly used to set up a perimeter around game courts, sports stadiums, and school areas. It’s also considered to be a strong & reliable security option while maintaining a ‘stylish’ and aesthetically pleasing design. It can also be ordered in various colours.

Although, we have a wide range of different mesh fencing, what we’ve seen from our experience is that safe-top mesh, V-mesh, and 358 mesh remain the most popular choices for schools.

Our products are also available in different widths & heights, as well as accompanying gates to whatever option you pick.

V-Mesh is especially popular for schools, as it doesn’t look ‘scary’. So, it’s considered a viable kid-friendly choice.

In other words, mesh fencing is a cost-effective, strong, and long-lasting security fencing option. Which can be customised to fit almost any school area & match the aesthetic. As well as remaining easy to install.

Railing Systems

Railing systems are a good choice for securing public locations, especially when there are children around. Besides being a safe and secure fencing option, railing systems are considered to be aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike palisade or mesh fencing, railing systems are best suited for areas which require high visibility, but a medium to a low level of security is enough. For example, playgrounds.

Our railing systems come in various widths and heights, as well as numerous installation options (self-raking, vertical, bow top). Although, the bow top railings are the most popular when securing an area where children are involved. Since they can be supplied as RoSPA certified fencing.

Additionally, bow top railings do not have any sharp edges. Making them an ideal choice for playgrounds and sports areas – where children are expected to be moving around.

We also provide matching gate options for whatever railing system you choose! As well as having different colours for powder coating to match the surrounding aesthetic.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing remains one of our most popular security fencing options. Whether it’s used for commercial properties, industrial sites, or schools.

As the palisade fencing pales are made using a ‘cold rolling process’ – the steel becomes lighter in weight, while maintaining its strength.

Additionally, anti-tamper fixings are used to secure fencing parts together. Creating fencing that’s difficult to tamper with.

A possible drawback of palisade fencing in schools could be aesthetic. Considering that it was designed to act as a theft deterrent, be difficult to grip & climb on, as well as look intimidating – to ultimately provide the best security possible.

Nevertheless, palisade fencing is an excellent security fencing option, as it is made to be strong and last a long time, with minimal maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Picking a security fencing option is no small task. It not only requires a lot of consideration, but it also varies highly based on your needs.

Once you understand what purpose you are looking to fill with security fencing, it’s much easier to find the right option.

Whether it will be mesh fencing to secure a wide area or railing systems to fence off a playground – feel free to order on our online store or contact our sales team.

Psst! We also offer same/next day delivery, as well as an installation service.

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