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A brand new range Site Access Control

01 April 2016Appears in Products
A brand new range Site Access Control
Here at First Fence, we have now introduced a fantastic new Site Access Control range. We are offering a wide variety of Raise Arm Barriers, Sliding Gates and Turnstile systems

We are offering a wide variety of Raise Arm Barriers, Sliding Gates and Turnstile systems, which are perfect for locations that need to monitor and control their accessibility. Access is an extremely important aspect to consider when planning your site's security. Whether you need to provide a secure entry point to a commercial, industrial or residential property, it is essential that you establish who you are providing access to, how often, plus the level of security the location requires.

So which Site Access Control system do I choose?

A common feature of many public and workplace car parks, the Raise Arm Barrier will provide effective vehicle access management, in order to maintain a steady and safe flow of traffic. We offer manually operated Raise Arm Barriers in both standard and heavy duty varieties, which are fully lockable and can be installed to operate from the left or right. We also supply automated Raise Arm Barriers in various pole lengths which offer adjustable speed settings, as well as a variety of access control options, including GSM Intercom and Proximity Access Keypads.

For vehicle access control with a bit more security, Sliding and Bi-folding Gates are the best option. A popular choice for private driveways or the entrances of commercial buildings, Sliding Gates are ideal for locations which do not have enough space for a traditional swing gate. We offer manually operated cantilever Sliding Gates, as well as automated Sliding Gates which include an illuminated LC Display for programming your gate to your specific access requirements. Automatic Bi-folding Speed Gates are also a great alternative to swing gates and operate quickly, yet smoothly.

All Sliding and Bi-folding Gates are available in a variety of sizes and with Palisade, Mesh or Railing infills, so you can tailor your gate system to your specification.

Perhaps one of the most popular systems used for pedestrian access control, Turnstiles have been featuring in a range of public venues as well as industrial sites for many years. We offer full height Automatic Turnstiles which are great for locations that require a higher level of security. Allowing only one person to enter and exit the system at one time, the Turnstile is an ideal solution when you need to maintain a safe and controlled flow of pedestrian traffic through an unmonitored entry point. You will probably spot a turnstile next time you go to the football stadium to watch a match or have a day out at a theme park!

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