2.0m x 1.2m Pedestrian Palisade Security Gate

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A 2.0m x 1.2m Pedestrian Palisade Gate manufactured from galvanised steel.

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This 2.0m x 1.2m Pedestrian Palisade Gate is suitable for providing pedestrian access to your site. Installing this type of gate into your Palisade Fencing will allow you to control when people can enter your premises, along with helping to prevent unauthorised access. As this Palisade Gate has a width of 1.2m, it is not suitable for vehicle access; only pedestrian access. You can easily install this type of Palisade Gate into your palisade fence; you will just need to make sure that your Palisade Fencing also possesses a height of 2.0m.

Suitable for a variety of locations, a Pedestrian Palisade Gate is very versatile in terms of the type of ground on which it can be installed. As well as being suitable for construction on level ground, this Palisade Gate can also be assembled on a sloped ground surface; due to the pales’ ability to adjust so that they run parallel to the ground. However, this will require custom hinges, and should be discussed with our fabrication department. This Palisade Gate can also be constructed on both hard and soft ground, but you will need to use the correct type of posts in order to do so.


Features and Manufacture

This Palisade Gate is made from steel which has been cold rolled. This means that the steel becomes lighter in weight and thinner, but still retains its strength. The steel is also galvanised using a zinc coating, which helps to protect it from the development of rust. This galvanised finish meets BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards. For extra protection, a Polyester Powder Coating finish can be applied to your Palisade Gate. This will make your Palisade Gate more resistant to weathering and damage, as well as giving your Palisade Gate a more colourful and bolder appearance. You can also find these options when ordering your Palisade Fencing system.

Another great feature of this Palisade Gate is that its clever design makes it very hard to climb. Each of the palisade pales possess a profile which is ‘W’ in shape. In addition to this, scaling attempts will be made extremely difficult due to the pales’ restrictive and sometimes, intimidating design. The pale heads also function as an effective theft deterrent. 


Gate Kit

2.0m x 1.2m Palisade Gates are supplied as an assembly kit. Each kit will comprise of all the correct parts and fixings needed for the construction of your Palisade Gate. The only items that will not be provided within your Palisade Gate kit are Postfix cement and Ground Anchor Bolts; therefore these will need to be added to your shopping cart as additional items.

You may also tailor your Palisade Gate through a number of customisation options, so that you can ensure all of your specific requirements are met. These options are Post types, Pale types, the Finish and the addition of a Heavy Duty Padlock. These options are located at the top of this page and should be selected when you place your Palisade Gate order.

More Information
Fencing Type Palisade
Gate Type Pedestrian
Gate Type Pedestrian Gate
Height 2000mm
Height 2.0m
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Pale Type Available Triple Pointed, Round & Notched, Single Point
Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Hung (From Outside Looking In)
Access Width 1200mm
Finish Galvanised , Powder Coated
PPC Colours Green, Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Yellow
Material Galvanised Steel

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