2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Security Gate

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A 2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate made from cold rolled and galvanised steel.

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This 2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate can be used to create an entrance and exit point for vehicles like cars, small vans and forklifts. It can be easily attached to Palisade Security Fencing structures that are 2.1m high, where it will enable you to manage the accessibility of your site so that access can be made without compromising the security of the location. This palisade gate contains two gate leaves which open to a total width of 6.0m and they are secured with a sliding latch bolt and two lower drop bolts. There is also the option to provide further palisade fencing and gate security by adding a Heavy Duty Padlock to the sliding latch bolt. This is really useful and it can be obtained by requesting it from the customisation section above.

This palisade gate can be installed in many different locations and on many different types of ground. It is important to consider the type of ground that you intend to install your security fencing and palisade gate upon, as this will affect which gate posts will need to be used. Bolt Down posts are compatible with hard ground types such as concrete surfaces; however Dig-In posts are compatible with softer ground types like grass. Although this gate may be erected in a variety of different locations, along with your security fencing, it is considered to be most suitable for areas which require a medium level of security, because of its 2.1m height.


Features and Manufacture

This 2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate is made from steel which has been cold rolled to form its shape. The benefit of cold rolling is that the steel becomes thinner, but it still manages to retain the same high level of strength. Therefore the gate is lighter in weight, as well as solid and robust. The palisade gate is also galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards. Galvanisation is carried out through applying a zinc coating to the steel in order to help prevent it from rusting. We also offer a variety of Polyester Powder Coating colours for your gate. By opting for this type of finish, your gate will have more protection from elements such as corrosion, damage and wear; as well as having a brighter and more visible appearance. These options can also be found when ordering your Palisade Fencing.

This palisade gate also has a very unique and effective design. With pales that have a ‘W’ shape profile, the gate is made hard to climb as the pales are difficult to grip onto or gain a footing on. The top of each pale also helps to restrict gate climbing attempts. With pale types like Round, Round and Notched, Flat, Single Pointed and Triple Pointed available, your gate can successfully help to hinder intruders gaining access to your site. If you wish to supply a form of theft deterrence to your gate, Triple Pointed and Single Pointed pales are most appropriate for this type of function as they have more of an imposing look. All of these customisable options are also available when choosing your Palisade Security Fencing System.


As standard, 2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gates are supplied with Triple Pointed pales and a galvanised finish. There is the opportunity to choose alternative pale types or a Polyester Powder Coating finish within the customisation section.


Gate Kit

Each 2.1m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate is sold as an assembly kit, complete with all the necessary parts and fixings for construction. By obtaining a gate kit, you can ensure that you have all the correct items ready for construction, along with significantly reducing the time it takes to place your order. Please note that Postfix cement is not included in any of our kits and will need to be ordered individually, if required.

You will find a selection of customisation options at the top of this page, which will allow you to tailor your gate to meet your needs.

More Information
Fencing Type Palisade
Gate Type Vehicle
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Height 2100mm
Height 2.1m
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Pale Type Available Triple Pointed, Round & Notched, Single Point
Access Width 6000mm
Finish Galvanised , Powder Coated
PPC Colours Green, Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Yellow
Material Galvanised Steel

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