Corrugated Armco Rail (1.6m Effective Length)

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A Corrugated Armco Rail with an effective length of 1.6m and a total length of 1.9m.

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This Armco rail section is 1.9m long in total and 310mm high. When set up, the Armco rail will have an overlap of 0.15m on each side meaning that it has an overall effective length of 1.6m. Armco crash barriers are one of the most recognised safety barriers available. Built to the highest standard and specification, our beams are constructed from high quality steel

Crash barrier systems are designed to protect pedestrian and vehicles against a variety of obstacle. They are great for use near buildings, bridges and walls and will guarantee to protect exposed areas. The installation of an Armco beam is a simple and effective method of giving great protection. The addition of an Armco barrier outside your property or business will also reduce the risk of damage if accidents should occur.

Our finishes

If you require your beam to be in a particular colour then we can supply this beam in a range of powder coats. Not only does this make your beam look more attractive but it also adds another layer of protection.

We always apply the powder coat above the standard galvanisation to ensure that your beam has a long lasting finish.  

   Off-Road Barriers Data Sheet

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